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Dongguan jinghongxiang automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Hotline: 0769-83218951

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Address:The upper and middle road of the upper and bottom industrial area of Liaobu Town, Dongguan

Jinghong - Xiang - four advantages Automatic welding manufacturers such as professional spot welding machine, butt welding machine, straightening and cutting machine, trimming machine, ring making machine, universal molding machine, CO2 welding tooling, etc.

01direct dealBrand strength word of mouth

The company has its own spot welding machine, welding machine, straightening cutting machine, trimming machine and non standard automation. The company's products have formed ten series of "whole" series, such as design, planning, installation and debugging.

The company has strong technical force, professional design, production, installation team perfect production management standard manufacturing process.

The original factory supplies directly to the original factory to get the goods and save a layer of middleman, so that you can save more time and save money.

02The quality of the product is reliableAutomatic transport equipment professional manufacturer

The products are time-saving, labor-saving, good operation and strong endurance. Products have through multiple authentication

With high quality and low price products, honest and reliable reputation, won the recognition of the market and the praise and trust of our customers.

Many years of experience in the industry, the factory strictly checks the quality of products at all levels, so that customers can buy comfort, comfort.

03Introduction of advanced processing technology at the mapLearning and applying advanced foreign technology

Using imported special accessories, constantly innovating independently and combining with the design needs of customers, we design and create welding machines for customers.

We adopt reasonable management, strictly control every process and do not allow defective products to flow into the market.

04Professional, efficient and high quality servicesMore timesaving and saving heart

The company has excellent after-sale team and technical support. It will analyze and solve the problems first time.

24 hour service hotline, first responds and solves quality problems.

13802381027 、13925780098

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Dongguan jinghongxiang automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Jinghongxiang automatic machinery equipment Co., Ltd. (Dongguan Jin navigation Machinery Factory) (Vietnam office: Nguyen min Kai Road, Fuhua District, Pingyang Province, Vietnam 312/8) specialized in making welding molding equipment. We independently developed and researched and produced related equipment for 20 years. The conventional equipment has: spot welder, welding machine, and welding machine Flash welding machine, straightening and cutting machine, servo ring machine, hydrauli...


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